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Tina Cooke

Marriage, Relationship & Transition Coach

In 2001, my life underwent a profound transformation as my 25-year marriage, blessed with four remarkable sons, unexpectedly came to an end. The emotional turmoil that ensued propelled me on a challenging journey of healing, marked by overwhelming pain and unbearable loss. Diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, I embarked on a gradual process of rediscovering happiness and reclaiming the life I deserved. From the fragments of what was once torn, stripped, and broken, I fashioned a more fulfilling existence.
Through immersive personal development programs and counselling, I restored the hope and self-confidence that had long eluded me. The desire to rediscover my authentic self, brimming with laughter, joy, and forgotten dreams, fueled my quest for healing. In 2007, I remarried, now sharing my life with a blended family of six grown children and sixteen cherished grandchildren. Our adventures range from quality time with the grandkids to exhilarating rides on our Harleys.
Professionally, my journey in the therapeutic community commenced on July 1, 2005, as the Administrator of a specialized relationship counselling center in Langley. Aligned with the renowned Dr. John & Julie Gottman's principles, we became the first Gottman Center in Canada, offering specialized training and workshops to local counsellors in the Gottman Method. Over the years, I attended and organized numerous workshops, becoming certified in Level 1 Clinical Training, Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and expanding my expertise in 2021 by adding Level 2 Clinical Training, as well as their Trauma and Addictions Training.
In 2010, I transitioned to managing an Emotionally Focused Therapy counselling center in Langley, specializing in complex trauma. This experience broadened my perspective, erasing judgments and enabling me to recognize the stories behind brokenness. My passion lies in connecting with those in pain, reassuring them that they matter. Whether grappling with a painful past, an unhealthy relationship, or the depths of hopelessness, I strive to offer support and encouragement.
Having completed various levels of Gottman Method Couple's Therapy and trauma training, I advanced to direct operations at Brookswood, where I honed my skills in administrative training and gained valuable therapeutic insights. In 2021, I added Level 1 Emotionally Focused Couples to my extensive training portfolio.
After five fulfilling years as the owner and operator of Fraser Valley Counselling Inc., a trauma center, I've decided to focus full time working with all types of relationships. In February 2024, the center itself will close, and I'll see clients from my newly renovated home office located at: 35709 Hawksview Place, Abbotsford. My commitment to providing reduced-fee consulting remains strong. Drawing on my 19 years of therapeutic community experience and 35 years in business and marketing, I aim to continue supporting individuals and couples on their transformative journeys.
My rate: $95/hr versus the standard Registered Clinical Counsellor rate of $150+/hr.