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Our Team

Tina Cooke
My life completely changed in 2001 when my 25-year marriage, which produced four amazing sons, abruptly ended. It was a traumatic experience that I was not emotionally equipped to handle, and it sent me on a long journey of healing. The pain was overwhelming and the loss unbearable. I was later diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, and as the layers of healing unraveled over time, I was eventually able to capture the happiness I deserve. I took something that was ripped, stripped, and broken and created a more deserving life! Through personal development programs and counselling, I rediscovered the hope and self-confidence that had all but disappeared. I was aching to be the person I once was: full of laughter and joy, with long-forgotten hopes and dreams. In 2007 I was remarried, we share six grown children and ten amazing grandchildren - with another one on the way! Our fun times now include hanging out with the grandkids, or my husband and I out riding our Harleys together! Life is good!


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Rob Matula
Counsellor MA, RCC
It is a sincere pleasure to walk alongside my clients on their journey toward emotional health and wellness. While having gone through twists and turns in my own life, I’ve discovered I have a passion to reach out, validate, and become the support system that makes a difference in other people’s lives.
Today I am committed to serving my clients, believing in their innate capacity to heal from their past wounds, offering a safe affirming environment with an end goal of adding strength and courage for them to tackle and grab a hold of the elusive happiness that has escaped them.
I strongly believe that the relationship between therapist and client is the key healing agent; therefore, I take time in my sessions to create a safe, affirming bond. My goal is to listen keenly, allowing my clients to feel safe to openly express what is authentically going on for them, and, in the process, discover their core issues and start the healing process.


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Ashley Vickruck
Counsellor MA, RCC
I believe that we were not designed to walk through life alone. Often, we can feel the most alone when we face difficult or painful experiences; this is a vulnerable place to be. When we feel vulnerable it can be even more difficult to reach out and ask for help. I believe that healing can come when we are given a safe space to be truly seen, heard, and validated. Building a strong therapeutic relationship, meeting my clients where they are at, and working collaboratively with them are some of the ways I establish safety and trust.


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Joleen Pennarun
Counsellor BSW, MC, RCC
I have a bachelor's degree in Social Work from the University of the Fraser Valley and a master’s in Counselling from City University of Seattle. For the past 20 years, I have supported individuals and families to overcome life’s challenges. I have a genuine thirst for knowledge and passion for learning about this human experience that we call life. On my own journey, I discovered how valuable and normalizing counselling can be. We all suffer pain from time to time, but how we deal with it is shaped through our experiences. I have a gentle and yet empowering way to unlock the unlimited potential you have within yourself, to heal, overcome trauma, anxiety and/or depression.


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Marisa Lawrence
Counsellor MC, RCC
Life can and inevitably will lend us some extraordinarily painful experiences, for which a safe setting and support system is integral for healing. While providing this environment for others was what initially led me to pursue the field of counselling, it was my own transformative experience with my own pain that fostered my passion for the work. Pain can hurt us, or pain can change us; it is this transformation of the experience of suffering into one of growth, resilience and empowerment that I strive to help my clients achieve.
Working from a strengths-based, holistic and collaborative approach, I employ an integrative framework that blends different therapeutic modalities based on individual needs and preferences. With strong foundations in empirical, evidence-based interventions such as Emotion-focused Therapy, Narrative, Solution-focused Therapy, and Mindfulness-based practices, I endeavor to help my clients discover the roots of their suffering and develop growth, resilience and core competencies to overcome past traumas and maladaptive coping mechanisms. I meet my clients where they are, developing a therapeutic relationship based on trust and empathy.


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