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COVID-19 Update:
The COVID-19 pandemic threat can be especially traumatic for those of you already dealing with anxiety, depression, PTSD, relationship issues, etc. Many of you are feeling exceptionally fearful and anxious, while trying to cope with the unknown. If you are a front-line health care worker, or if you are working in an essential service, you too, could be more vulnerable to mental health issues.
If you, or someone you know is experiencing persistent mood swings, changes in sleep patterns, appetite, concentration, or if you’re having trouble experiencing joy or motivation, Fraser Valley Counselling is committed to supporting you through this difficult and uncertain time. We want to be your support system while you deal with all these emotions.
In our effort to practice ‘physical distancing’ we continue to offer video counselling while slowly transitioning to ‘in-person’ sessions. If all goes well with the virus, we will officially re-open on July 20th.
For those who have already transitioned back to ‘in-person’ sessions, please make sure you bring a mask with you. Please note the reception area remains closed. Your counsellor will meet you at the main entrance a couple minutes prior to your session.
Wear a mask if entering the building.
Do not enter our office if you are suffering from a fever over 38 Celsius or 100 Fahrenheit; or are suffering from a cough/difficulty breathing, or if you have been diagnosed with the covid-19 virus.
Respect self isolation rules if you have recently returned from any travel outside of the province.
Maintain 2m/6ft distance between yourself and other clients and counsellors.
Cover your mouth with the inside of your elbow when sneezing.
Pay by credit card/debit/etransfer rather than cash.
If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please call.
Telephone: 604-746-7200


Wishing you safety and health at this time,
Tina Cooke
Director of Operations & Administration




"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise."
-Victor Hugo


It can be hard to know who to turn to when life becomes difficult or painful. Talking to a counsellor you do not know can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to the confusing, painful, and personal parts of life. Fraser Valley Counselling has carefully pulled together a team of professionals who are genuine in their desire to reach out and support those who are hurting and trying to deal with life’s struggles. We offer a nonjudgmental, supportive presence, where you can feel heard, and know your stories are safe. The goal of the counsellor is to meet you where you are, and to illuminate and guide you towards emotional healing and well-being. Life is not always easy, sometimes we are dealt jolting curves that we are not equipped to handle on our own. Sometimes anxiety and depression can take over, crippling us and destroying our support systems. We want to help you process and overcome these obstacles, moving you towards an increased sense of self-confidence, bringing joy back into your daily life. Imagine how light and free you might feel if you could release these burdens you’ve been living with!
Tina Cooke,
Director of Operations & Administration