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Marisa Lawrence

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Life can and inevitably will lend us some extraordinarily painful experiences, for which a safe setting and support system is integral for healing. While providing this environment for others was what initially led me to pursue the field of counselling, it was my own transformative experience with my own pain that fostered my passion for the work. Pain can hurt us, or pain can change us; it is this transformation of the experience of suffering into one of growth, resilience and empowerment that I strive to help my clients achieve.
Working from a strengths-based, holistic and collaborative approach, I employ an integrative framework that blends different therapeutic modalities based on individual needs and preferences. With strong foundations in empirical, evidence-based interventions such as Emotion-focused Therapy, Narrative, Solution-focused Therapy, and Mindfulness-based practices, I endeavor to help my clients discover the roots of their suffering and develop growth, resilience and core competencies to overcome past traumas and maladaptive coping mechanisms. I meet my clients where they are, developing a therapeutic relationship based on trust and empathy.
The soul work done in counselling is the deepest dive we can take into ourselves, often involving revisiting painful traumas and profound vulnerabilities. I work to create a safe, supportive and compassionate space, and consider it such a privilege to walk alongside my clients on their journey to healing and self-compassion.
Operating from an attachment and trauma-informed lens, I have specialized training in EMDR, DBT, and Art Therapy. I love working with individuals, children, and couples, and also offer EFT (Emotion-focused Therapy) and/or The Gottman method for couples counselling.
I consider it among the greatest gifts of my life to be able to hold another person's pain, vulnerability, story and struggle, and help them through the healing process. I fiercely believe in kindness, forgiveness and self-compassion, and strive above all to help clients offer these qualities to themselves. We must remember we are human, flawed, and above all, worthy.
After completing my Undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary, I went on to obtain a Master's Degree in Counselling at City University of Seattle in Vancouver. I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor in good standing with the BCACC, and am also an approved service provider with Crime Victims Assistance Program.


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