Phone: 604-746-7200
Emma Wilson

Registered Clinical Counsellor
Registered Social Worker

I hold a passion for helping people navigate challenges in their life, while facilitating empowerment through the process of change. I developed my passion for counselling after working in the field of mental health for over seven years. As I reflected on my own personal challenges coping with anxiety, while working with so many people who had similar experiences, it became apparent that they all shared a commonality; they didn’t feel empowered. Empowered to cope with life, to take control of their thoughts, to end unhealthy habits or relationships, and to change their life and overcome pain from the past. The fact is that emotional pain is inevitable in our life as things change. We experience loss and heartache, and things happen to us that might feel out of our control. Pain is certainly inevitable throughout our life, but suffering is a choice. While suffering may be an unconscious choice, we cannot choose another path that we are not aware of. In my practice, I strive to empower clients to choose growth, to choose healing, and to desire meaningful changes in their life.
Much of my counselling experience has been provided in the following areas: depression, anxiety, anger, life transitions, grief and loss, body image and self-esteem, substance use, disordered eating and trauma.
I completed my bachelor’s degree in social work with honours at The University of the Fraser Valley. From there, I practiced as a social worker in various areas such as, community mental health, acute care in hospitals, as well as in corrections. Through my social work experience, I supported clients with advocacy, education, resourcing and navigating challenging circumstances and systems. I developed a profound passion for helping people make positive change. This passion led me to complete my master’s degree in clinical social work, with a focus in the treatment of trauma at the University of British Columbia. Further, I shifted my experience and focus to providing therapy in a 1:1 setting as well as facilitating group therapy for clients experiencing depression and anxiety.
When meeting with me for the first time, you can expect empathy, humility, genuineness, laughter, and transparency as I value safety in the therapy environment. I strive to create an environment where you feel comfortable to share your experiences and create positive changes by overcoming painful emotions or circumstances in your life. Regardless of whether you are seeking guidance for challenging life transitions, self-development, healing from depression, anxiety, grief and loss, anger and/or trauma, I truly believe that healing is possible, change is achievable, and that life can be beautiful.
NOTE: Many employee assistance programs reimburse counselling services with RSW or an RCC. I am a registered provider for Crime Victim Services Program as well as an ICBC counselling provider.



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